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Our Ministries

Church and members always in full throttle for Church and having lots of activities for the engagement of  members in different age group. Kids, Youth and Adults involve with 100% sincerity for the betterment of  Church and everyone taking lots of initiatives under the leadership  of our beloved Bishop and Presbyters. Church always finds opportunity to praise and worship the God.


HTC Sunday School for Kids

The HTC Sunday school consists of 55 students and follows the syllabus of CEEFI "Splash". Our academic year starts in the second week of June and ends by the 3rd week of February with its Annual Day celebrations.

During the academic year, we conduct a Memory verse competition, Quiz , Scripture exam and an Annual exam. This we believe will help the students learn the Scripture as well as apply it in their lives.


Children showcase their talents on World Sunday school day and Christmas program. The children actively  participate in Sunday School Picnic and Harvest Festival by putting up a games stall, the proceeds of which is given to the church.

Thus, the HTC Sunday school envisions to nurture the children to grow in Christ's knowledge as well as empowers them to mature into Christ's likeness as they complete their years at Sunday School.

HTC Youth Fellowship

Our church Youth Fellowship is made up of a group of enthusiastic, fun loving youngsters with a common passion and love for Christ. We have many activities to keep the young believers engaged in doing God's work and getting to know Him better. Our frequent fellowships, separate Men's Fellowship and Annual Retreat are enriching while our yearly camp are not to be missed!!


This year it was held in the hills of Avalanche, Ooty and it proved to be learning and exciting experience for all those who attended it.

‌We also put special care into visiting the ailing and senior citizens of our church, especially those who are too ill to attend our service. It is a great joy to sing and pray with them while listening to their life experiences. We raise funds for our activities and donate the rest to CSI mission fields and other social activities.

The youth are also involved in common church activities and play an integral part in the church's carol rounds.


Laity Fellowship

Literally Laity means the church. Laity represents the face of the common believer in the church. The head of the church is Christ and the body is its believers. Even though different in structure each organizations works together in the dogmas of the church that will bring kingdom of heaven into the society. The church is emphasizing this doctrine.

The Lay ministry holds a great significance in the Christian mission. The lay people have power in secular world and can best relate their Christian conviction to the world by becoming the agents of social and moral change in the secular context today.

The laities in the Holy Trinity Church consists of different spiritual roles to participate in the services, such as sharing testimonies, praying, bible reading, House visits etc.

A Lay leadership is the foundation of the church.  The Church cannot function without the participation of the laities. Therefore the Holy Trinity Church encourages lay ministry in all possible means and support them by giving roles without prejudicing.

HTC Women's Fellowship

The women’s fellowship of the Holy Trinity Malayalam Congregation plays a vital role in helping to the spread of love of our Lord through various programmes. All our programmes are aimed at reaching to people, (especially women) who require help and assistance in many ways (Prayer support, financial help, physical help and materialistic help etc).

We very strongly believe that God has placed us here in this parish, blessed and content, to be a source of happiness and inspiration to the women in need. Each of us contributes, in ways we can best, and as a team, we make sure our services are made available where it required the most.

We live in a day and age when women’s empowerment is encouraged and spoken of very highly, but at the same time, we see so much partiality, disrespect and cruelty being carried out against women, that is where groups like ours come forward to help. As far as possible we try to educate from the mind sets of people, the thought that women can be taken for granted, because that was
not our Almighty’s plan when God created women.

We believe that God has empowered us to be a helping hand, a blessed voice, a swift leg and a silent prayer for less fortunate women and girls. In doing so, we experience a special joy and contentment as we discover the Ruth, the Esther, the Mary and the Lydia amongst us. Let God’s name be glorified.


Snehaveedu Fellowship

One of the projects envisaged in connection with the Church’s diamond Jubilee Celebrations.

Aims & objectives:
Snehaveedu Seeks to facilitate as personal search for better meaning and purpose in the evening years of life through the following areas.

1. Help to focus the mind and soul on God Almighty through worship, bible study and discussions.


2. Create and maintain an interest in topics of importance such as Health, finance, religion and politics.

3. Assist in exercising the body and mind through aerobics, games, quizzes and group discussions.

4. Keep abreast of current event through a review of news and discussions.


5. Encourage interactions with each other and promote the lighter side of life through skits and stories.


6. Find relaxation in congenial atmosphere and company.



Church Choir

Church Choir & Junior Choir

The Holy Trinity Church Choir is 40 member strong group dedicated girls and boys led by Master Siju Jacob Varghese, who are extremely passionate about music and believe in offering their talent back to the Lord in the form of praise and worship.

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